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Welcome to Liverpool In Work.  We've helped hundreds of people in your local area find the right job or training.  We also work closely with employers to find the right person to fill your job.

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Anfield Ready to Work Drop-In
Come along to the Anfield Ready to Work drop-in for help finding work or training
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Would you like to get involved with a new business in Granby?
Are you interested in making things with your hands?
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Are You a Construction Subcontractor/Supplier working in Liverpool?
Grow and develop your business with the support of the Liverpool Regeneration Contractors Group

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Technical Specialist - 610604
£35662.00 - £40217.00
Technical Professional - 610603
£26293.00 - £30178.00
Data Officer - 610609
£19048.00 - £22212.00
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