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Customised pre-recruitment training

Liverpool in Work provides pre-recruitment training for our clients. Often, this is designed in conjunction with employers to develop customised training that meets business demand and will create a supply of appropriately skilled job applicants. We can also advise on available post-recruitment training for your workforce.

The team run several employment and training programmes for unemployed people - some of which are directly delivered, and some are commissioned from other accredited providers such as the Adult Learning Service or Liverpool Community College.

These are designed to offer generic employability skills training and relevant vocational elements. All trainees will have received support from a qualified Information Advice & Guidance officer from Liverpool in Work for an individualised assessment of training needs.

Vocational Routeway Programme

This is a training programme of up to 18 weeks duration which gives Liverpool in Work clients the opportunity to improve their employability and skills in their chosen industry through work placements, and through participation in workshops or other training sessions.

We concentrate on vocational areas with real job prospects including Retail, Hospitality and Social Care, and will be continuing to develop our training programmes with businesses from those sectors.

We will add further Vocational Routeways for other sectors as the labour market demands.

And we will keep in touch with successful clients for up to two years, as we aim to ensure sustainable employment, also providing support for employers in the process.

Sector Awareness Sessions

These workshops allow Liverpool in Work clients to find out more about different areas of work, before they commit to training or applying for jobs in those sectors.

We find these sessions really useful "eye-openers" and a great way of self selection / pre screening for jobs. For those people who are interested in progressing in their chosen sector, we aim to follow up the sessions with intensive job search, work placement, and appropriate training.

Work trials and work placements

We can help employers to arrange short work placements and work trials to allow you to assess potential employees, and to allow individuals to check whether the job is right for them.

In conjunction with our sector awareness sessions and training programmes, they are a really good opportunity, especially in sectors that experience high turnover of staff.

Please contact us to see how we can help you.