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Our recruitment and selection service

The Liverpool in Work Business Team supports employers to develop job descriptions and person specifications that accurately reflect the work to be undertaken by the successful candidate, ensuring that the "right person is matched with the right job".

The team will also advise on the best methods of recruitment and application for various job roles, and can also help you devise an application form, if required.

We can also provide support with the administration process, such as dispatching and receiving forms.

The team is experienced at organising and managing Recruitment Fairs and Open Days, which give both applicants and employers the opportunity to meet and discuss job opportunities prior to an interview. We find this a particularly useful recruitment method for large scale recruitment; for several employers to recruit simultaneously; and for customer service roles.

Pre-selection and screening of job applicants

By speaking to employers, we establish what they are looking for, and we match candidates from our database to appropriate vacancies, as well as advertising to the wider community.

Liverpool in Work can save employers valuable time by helping to screen applicants, either by telephone or by sifting job application forms, to make sure employers select the most suitable people to interview for their job vacancies.

We will also coordinate work placements and work trials so that employers can assess applicants; and job applicants can get a feel for the job and the workplace.

Please contact us to see how we can help.