Bernadette, Chelsea, Narinder & Sue

Bernadette, Chelsea, Narinder & Sue.

Christopher, Jonathan, Pawel, too!

These are just some of the people that Liverpool In Work helped find work in 2015.

We found jobs for Cooks, Bus Drivers, Nurses and Sales Assistants. Barbers, Cleaners, Electricians and Office Workers.

Our customers are now fixing cars in Wavertree, teaching children in Fazakerley, servicing planes in Speke, and building a new stadium in Anfield.

And if you spend the night at The Titanic Hotel, or eat a meal at TGI Fridays, or do a big shop at Morrison's this weekend, there's just a chance that Bernadette, or Chelsea, or Narinder, or Sue might be serving you...

Liverpool In Work would like to wish all the 428 people we helped find work last year best wishes and continuing success in 2016.


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