Households into Work

Households into Work is a programme to support unemployed people aged 16+ who live in the Liverpool city region, between February 2018 and February 2020 we will support over 800 Households or 1600 clients who are experiencing:

Mental or Physical illness

Addiction or substance misuse

Domestic abuse

Housing & Homelessness

Debt issues & benefit guidance

Lack of skills such as English, Maths & IT

Low self-confidence/Social Isolation

Leaving care or caring for another person

Anti-social behaviour/Issues in the household

The programme will support at least 2 people who have a family connection, such as partners, parent & child, grandparents & grandchildren. Even if they do not live at the same address, we can start supporting the first householder and then encourage the second member to join the programme at later date. By working in this way we aim to provide households with more stability and better, more sustainable outcomes when they move into employment

How Households into Work help?

The Household will be given an Employment Advocate who will provide high quality support for up to 12 months, this includes signposting clients to meaningful services and accompanying them to appointments. We will help the household access a range of support based on their needs, this will help the client to progress and move them towards training or work in the future.

The role of the advocate is to empower clients to make positive changes in their lives and progress is measured through client feedback, positive progressions made and engagement with the Employment Advocate. We are based throughout the Liverpool Authority in venues including Jobcentre Plus, Children’s Centre’s, One Stop shops, Social housing offices and 3rd sector venues. We can also support the client by attending appointments initially in their own home.

How can I refer a client?

For more information or if you would like to refer a client please contact our team on 07802 378 808 or

We also accept referrals from JobCentre plus, Children’s Centre’s, Social landlords, Local authority departments and 3rd sector partner’s


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